Madoka GamePaper#18

Hi again. 18 number, and new model - Madoka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Hope you enjoy. :) Btw, some time ago, i've posted this pc at 4ch, so just small thing: this pc have some fix: face and bows.


And don't forget send me a pic :)

See ya,


Karamelka (Kamael from LAII)

Long long time ago...
When the sky were blue
And a grass were green...

Hm... Well, this papercraft, what i'm working right now. (Don't forget about Mikoto ;) ) Where still some bad things:

- 1st - is a head, but i've try to simplify it.
- 2nd - hands. Well, i don't see any other way, except redraw it...

See ya next time!